Best Service, Brand Loyalty
Sakura Wedding & Tour is a local Japanese wedding & tour company. Our headquarters is located in Nara, and we also have shop located in Gion, Kyoto. Our team is the earliest and most experienced team who bring foreign customers to Japan to have pre wedding and wedding ceremony. Eight years ago, we were the first to start and eight years later, we begin our new journey! We are aim to offer the most creative Japan pre wedding service; the traditional Japanese wedding planning service; the customized japan in-depth tour service; Kimono rental service in Kyoto.
いちごいちえ(一期一会), we will provide our best service for every customer. We will bring you a big surprise. Come and meet us, you won’t regret your choice! Welcome to Sakura Wedding & Tour, make you a perfect Japan memory!
皆さん、こんにちは!私達はSakura Wedding & Tourです。
ウェディングーそれは愛する人との出逢いを経て迎える最高の瞬間 誰もがその幸せに包まれた瞬間を「一生の思い出に」したい。 またこれから先に歩むための「大切なスタートライン」にしたいと考えています。
私たちはそんな想いを叶えるため結ばれたおふたりに『ふたりらしさ』があふれるウェディングフォトをお届けしています。 ただ撮影を迎えるだけでなく、その「時」までも楽しんでいただきたい。
Six Advantages
  • Instant replies to consultations
    Following the guideline of cherishing customer’s time, we replies every consultation immediately. It is targeted one on one communication based on your needs rather than automatic robot reply.
  • 100% Japanese service for you
    When you land in Japan, We will stay with you like friends, make you relaxed and comfortable, take care of you and bring you best experience and unforgettable memory in Japan.
  • Owning Kimono & dress shop and professional makeup artist team.
    We have our own Kimono and dress shop in both Nara and Kyoto. No matter you want Japanese traditional wedding Kimono or simply Yukata, you can find your best like Kimono in our shop. Our wedding dress and tuxedo are designed by Japanese designers, beautiful and unique. Our makeup artists are experienced, will make you shiny^^
  • Most professional service team and creative packages
    We have most professional photographers, no matter you want traditional Japanese style shooting, or romantic and sweet shooting style, we can Make your dream come true and meet all your expectations. We have many secret shooting locations to make your photos special and unique. We also have experienced planners to help you plan your solemn Japanese traditional wedding or romantic church wedding. Make you an unforgettable memory in Japan.
  • Offer free Japanese style tatami villa accommodation
    We have our own Japanese villa in Nara. The tatami suite with garden view, quiet and beautiful, customers who booked our pre wedding service or wedding ceremony service, can enjoy a free accommodation here. The big surprise is you can have a very delicious Japanese meal here^^
  • High quality of full service process, most professional A/S service
    With professional photo editing techniques and customer relationship management system, we deal with all subsequent issues in an organized and orderly manner, aiming at updating the process for customers before they ask!