Before Shinto Wedding Ceremony
Before Shinto Wedding Ceremony
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Japanese Shinto Wedding Ceremony.  Traditional Japanese Shinto wedding ceremonies are an amazing site for locals and foreigners alike. The Shinto wedding in the current form originated from the wedding ceremony held in 1900 of the Crown Prince (Emperor Taisho), at the Shinto Sanctuary in the Imperial Palace. Since then, Shinto-style wedding ceremonies based upon the ceremony held at the Imperial Court became popular among the people.

This Couple is from China. They chose Shinto wedding as their wedding ceremony. One day before the wedding ,they came to our shop to have a meeting and chose their wedding Kimonos. On Wedding day morning, they will have makeup, hair styling and kimono dressing in our shop, then move to Shrine for wedding ceremony. 

Traditional wedding ceremonies are Shinto-style and are held at shrines. Brides wear traditional white kimono called shiromuku(白無垢), Or colorful Iro-Uchikake(色打掛), and grooms wear montsuki (black formal kimono), haori (kimono jacket), and hakama (kimono pants). 

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