Japanese Shinto Wedding Ceremony
Japanese Shinto Wedding Ceremony
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Japanese Shinto Wedding Ceremony.  Traditional Japanese wedding customs shinzen shiki involve an elaborate ceremony held at a Shinto shrine.  As Christians pledge their love for each other at churches in front of Christ, Japanese people pledge our love at shrines in front of gods called Yaoyorozu. The bride and groom wear wedding kimonos and follow the steps to pledge their love for each other. This couple had their Shinto Wedding in  the oldest shrine in Japan. Let's follow them to see the rituals of Shinto wedding ceremony. 

~Order of the Ceremony~

1. Sanshin (Procession) 参進

Sanshin, the bride and groom walk to the shrine from the waiting room. An explanation of the ceremony is held in the waiting room of the shrine 30 minutes before the ceremony. The bridal couple and relatives proceed to the main shrine with the shrine maidens. 

2. Shubatsu-no-gi (Purification) 修祓の儀
A Purification Rite called Shubatsu 修祓 is held with all in attendance standing and bowing to be symbolically purified. At the beginning of the ceremony, a Shinto priest purifies the bride and groom, and the assembled congregation. 

3. Norito-soujou (Formula) 祝詞奏上
Prayer called Norito-sojo 祝詞奏上 is held with the Shinto priest announcing the marriage of the bridal couple to the shrine altar. Everyone in attendance stand and bow. The Shinto priest reads the “Norito” aloud to the god. Norito is a document which tells the bride and groom they will be married, it is promised that they will be happy for a lifetime. 

4. Chikai-no-sakazuki (Exchange of Nuptial Cups) 誓いの盃
Chikai-no-sakazuki (Exchange of Nuptial Cups) 誓いの盃 is held with the exchanging of Sake called San San Kudo 三献の儀 where the bride and groom take turns sipping three times from cups of three different sizes: small, medium and large. The first two times, the cup is raised to one’s lips and only on the third sipping is the sake drunk. (literally, three three nine,referring to the three sips from three cups, total of nine sips).

5. Yubiwa-no-gi (Exchange of Rings) 指輪の儀
Exchanging of rings is then held called Yubi-wa Kokan 指輪の交換 where the Groom and Bridge exchange wedding rings. 

6. Kaguramai (Dedication of Sacred Dance) 神楽舞
  The Shinto maiden dedicates a sacred dance.

7. Seishi-soujou (Vow) 誓詞奏上
Wedding Vows called Seishi Sodoku 誓詞奏読 are held with the bridal couple approaching the altar and the groom reads the wedding oath. 

8.  Tamagushi-hairei (Tamagushi Offerings) 玉串拝礼
Presenting the Sakaki Branch cakked Tamagushi Hoten 新郎新婦玉串奉奠 is held and is the ritual representing the safe end of the ceremony. The bridal couple receives the sakaki branch from the shrine maiden and places it at the altar and the couple bow twice and clap twice

9. Shinzokuhai-no-gi (Drinking the Rice Wine Together) 親族盃の儀
Guests drink Sake dedicated to the kami called Shinzoku-hai 親族杯 in celebration to make a strong bond between the couple’s relatives.

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