About 桜きもの京都 Sakura Kimono Kyoto
About 桜きもの京都 Sakura Kimono Kyoto
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  桜きもの京都  Sakura Kimono Kyoto  

 In the center of sightseeing area in Kyoto / Walking distance

Sakura Kimono Kyoto is located in Nishiki Market, which is a traditional street with more than 400 years old history. Our shop is very easy to find, 5 minutes walk to Shijo / Karasuma subway station and Shijo-takakura bus station. After wearing Kimono, you can walk to Nishiki Tenmangu or Kyoto Daimaru department store within 5 minutes. Walking to Deramchi or Shinkyogoku within 10 minutes. Walking to Gion or Yasaka Jinja within 15 minutes. Taking bus to Kiyumizu-dera within 10 minutes. Taking subway to Arashiyama or Fushimi Inari Shrine is also convenient. 

We have more than 300 Kimonos for you to choose

We have more than 300 Kimonos for you to choose, and all Kimonos are made in Japan. Some of our Kimonos are brand Kimonos in Japan. Not only young customers but also customers of different ages can enjoy various pattern kimonos in our shop, such as cute style, handsome style and classical style etc.  We have colorful summer Yukata, gorgeous Kimonos, Silk Kimonos, visiting  Kimonos, luxuriant Furisode, Wedding Furisode, Wedding Iro-Uchikake , Men's Kimonos, Children's Kimonos etc.. No matter what kind of Kimono you want, you can find your prefer one in our shop. If you want high quality Kimono with low price, please come to our shop~ If you want your Kimonos special, not same with other people, please come to our shop~ 

Most professional dressing / hair styling / make up  Sensei offer service for you and free make-up cosmetics

When you walking through Kyoto, if you want to grab eveyone's attention, please come to our shop^^ We have the most experienced Sensei, only those who have qualifications and licenses. You will find you are the focus of the crowd because you wearing most beautiful Kimonos^^ For Make up part, compared with other Kimono shops, we believe we are the best, because we have THE BEST MAKE UP ARTIST. Not like other shops which only offer simple makeup to customers, we offer you the most professional makeup! Our makeup Sensei has high techniques~Even Korean style bride makeup is possible here~ Nearly all of our hair accessories are hand made ones. If you want to do makeup yourself, that's possible in our shop, we will offer you free makeup cosmetics. 

Why don't you walking around in Kyoto wearing a Kimono? 

Kyoto, a dream place for every visitor. The ancient city of Kyoto has 17 World Heritage Sites, 50 national treasures, and approximately 300 important culture assets. The numerous historical sites embodies endless histories, preserving seen and unseen cultural significance. No wonder Kyoto is an international tourist city that represents Japan. Wearing beautiful Kimonos, walking through the unique amazing city, leave an unforgettable and wonderful memory in Kyoto ! By the way, there are thousands of delicious Japanese food in Nishiki Market, i can not wait to visiting Sakura Kimono Kyoto^^ 

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