How to rent our Kimono?
How to rent our Kimono?
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                            Open Hours                       
 9:00 ~ 19:00 ( Last order accepted time is 18:00)

We will keep your clothes, shoes, bags, big baggage and carry case for FREE ^^

We will keep your belongs except valuables and fragile things for free.  

Please take it easy and enjoy amazing Kyoto~  

                       The Flow of Rental               
STEP 1  Reservation by Phone / EMAIL or Online Form
Please make a reservation by Phone / EMAIL or fill the online reservation form in main page. Please feel free to contact us if you want to visit our shop for a primary inspection or have any questions.  
TEL:         ‭‭+81 70-4110-9170‬‬

STEP 2  Arriving at our shop 
Please visit our shop at the date and time you booked. Please check " How to come to our shop"   for detail location access. 
Please contact us if you are late for the booking time due to traffic conditions, etc.
STEP 3  Selecting and Trying Kimonos 
We have more than 300 kimonos for you to choose,  We have high quality kimonos, ranging from popular gorgeous Furisode to standard traditional Japanese patterned kimonos.  Some customers may not know about Kimonos, when you selecting, a professional Sensei will help you to choose and give you suggestions. 

       STEP 4  Kimono Dressing 
A reliable professional kimono dresser will help you get dressed, so you don't need to worry about losing its shape. 

        STEP 5  Hair Styling / Makeup 
No matter you have long hair or short hair, we can style your hair lovely and quickly~  You do not need to worry about losing its shape. CURL, Up, Side-down, Side Braid, Back braid etc... Because most Kimonos are gorgeous and colorful, we highly recommend you to do some makeup after wearing kimonos.  Get more information about Makeup, please refer " About Make-up".
 STEP 6 Free Photography Service  
We will take photos for you by digital camera or your smart phone in Nishiki Market for FREE !! And we will send you all the photos for FREE !! 

STEP 7 Travel around Kyoto wearing Kimono

All set in very short time. Well, now you can travel through Kyoto wearing Kimonos. If you want to know how to go other sightseeing places, please refer " How to come to our shop" for more sightseeing information. 

STEP 8 Return our Kimonos 
 Please come back to our shop by 18:00. Change your clothes and return our Kimonos, You can return it in the next day, please refer the information below. 

                          How to Return                     

・We will keep your clothes and baggage (carry case, etc.) without charge.
・Please return the kimono to our shop no later than 18:00.

・Please return the kimono to our shop no later than 17:00.
・Please tell our staff if you want to return it on the next day.
 Please bring your ID card for verification purposes. 
 We also take 10,000 yen as a security deposit. (We will return the deposit upon the return of the kimono.) 
・If it is returned later than the next day, we will charge 1,000 yen per day as a late charge.

One person 2,000 yen (excluding tax)
More than two people 1,500 yen per person (excluding tax)
More than three people 1,000 yen per person (excluding tax)

・The service is available only at the accommodations in Kyoto city.
・We deliver your clothes and baggage (carry case, etc.) to the accommodation where you stay. You will pay delivery fee. 
・You can leave the kimono at the front desk of your hotel.
"Return at your hotel" option during the busy season.
*There may be some accommodations where we cannot provide the service.

1. The latest Kimono return time is by 18:00.
2. Please come to our shop on time, if you come late, the next customer will have service first, and we will arrange service for you ASAP.
3. Consider of your health, we do not offer service for expectant mom.
4.  Please cherish your Kimonos and keep them clean. If your Kimonos are stained, cleanable stains are ok, but permanent stain will charge extra fee.

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